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Mededelingen - 3 oktober 2014

Appeltjens has been changed to ASNGaming.net

Yes! Everything has been taken care of! Appeltjens is quite a name and very unique on the interwebs, but it isn’t very attractive. Our english players couldn’t pronounce it or understand it and many visitors needed to google it befor they got here. Well, not anymore!

We changed our name to ASNGaming.net! Yes, we know it is common name in the world of gaming-communities, but we have the site! ASN and ApNL still remain our tag, by the way.

Anyway, we are putting up our pace in our goal to become a large community. We already have 108 subscribers on the site, BUT we can do better! As said, we are a student initiative to bring gaming students closer together, all over the world. We are now beginning with a huge offensive at one of the largest universities of the Netherlands. Our Minecraft server is almost dead, but our Battlefield 4 server is growing stronger every day! When there are sufficient funds, we will reach out to more servers.

We are still searching for server owners (of any game) who want to join us! No obligations, control your server as always, but just change your name.

Do not wait any longer, and come by!


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