MC > Malfunction solved

You might have noticed, the last few days we have had a few malfunctions in our server. They are all fixed now so you can join us again!


[list type=”check”]

  • Updated server to 1.7.10, caused malfunction 1
  • Downgraded server to 1.7.9, solved malfunction 1
  • Depleted votingsystem, remains to be fixed
  • Updated PEX
  • Updated ModifyWorld
  • Updated Essentials
  • Updated Factions
  • Essentials-Antibuild eldered, went on a holiday, caused malfunction 2
  • Installed Essentials-Antibuild Bèta, solved malfunction 2
  • Gave rabbits some carrots
  • Close but no cigar for a permissionlogger


Have fun!


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