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Mededelingen - 22 september 2014

Weekly update 22 sept. 2014

It has been a while and many things have happened. We renewed the sites into 2 separate things. The regular http://appeltjens.nl/ has been adapted for the servers and stands only for that too. It has a forum for the AppeltjensMC and the AppeltjensBF4 and is now community controlled. The blog has been transferred onto http://AlkoMasterz.nl/ Please check it out!

We also have an offer from Overwolf! They want to sponsor/advertise (on) our site! How awesome! Negotiations are in place! Credit to Serverbuilds!

AlkoMasterz is also making a dutch show about gamenews. Kinda like a regular newsflash, but without the regular news. It’s all about games!

Coming soon: a huge contest! Be prepared for some tough questions!

Minecraftserver has changed in 1.8 Vanilla, community controlled. Our network consist out of 1 Minecraft server, 1 Battlefield 4 server and a gamecommunity. You can visit our: Vanilla world (1.8) Community controlled*. We have lots of hidden treasures in every world, kind bilingual (NL/ENG) staff and so much more! And we’re always working on even more expansions and worlds! The best part is even that YOU can come up with plugins, worlds or quests. We listnen!

| How do I join |

You can join our server through the following IP adress: play.appeltjens.nl

Want to talk to other players? Then join our teamspeak: ts3.appeltjens.nl:2774.

And do not forget to visit and register on our site: www.appeltjens.nl What are you waiting for? Visit us! See you soon on AppeltjensMC.

*Community Controlled is a new social experiment. If you see/hear something that crosses your moral line or our serverrules, you can go to our AppeltjensMC forum on the site. By making a thread, admins are notified and they will look into it.

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