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Gamenieuws - 21 augustus 2014

Appeltjens is in trouble! Help out and give feedback!

You may have noticed it, the servers and sites are a bit empty. It has a reason: one of the Owners, BluePhoenix696, left our team. Since then, there was chaos. More and more crew and players left which left our server barren. We have a few things to ask ourselves. A few things to think about myself.

As the owner, creator and spokesperson of the Appeltjens Student Initiative, I am responsible for everything that happens here and on the servers. A major change has to go through. How will we go on? What must change and what not? All questions to think about.

I can’t do this all by myself, nor alone with the remains of the crew. That is why I ask you, the most respected person in our list; the gamer. What do you think that must change? What do you find of our plans? Give your opinion right below! It is done within a minute!

We really hope that you can help us. We try not to stop, but we need every piece of info and help we can get.

Thank you.

Kind regards, Alex Klein.

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