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Gamenieuws - 14 juli 2014

Big update – Factions, Economy, Mobs and more

It was not so long ago that the server was updated with a few new plugins. Well, we have pulled that through and made it somewhat bigger.

A list of the updates:

We have listened and monitored various worlds and made a radical decision. We stepped out of the idea of AppeltjensMC to renew, which was the idea of having various worlds which each offer something else.

Now we have deleted NoPVP, HC and Creative due to inactivity. PVP is the replacement of NoPVP and Factions is the new HC. Spleef has been added and one SurvivalGames arena has been deleted. Anything else? Hmm.. Not that I remember. But well, you’ll notice..

We wanted to offer something new. Something big and most requested and we finally did it!

We have put in an Economy with the money called Apy. You can put up your own chestshops to sell your stuff or buy whatever you need. Did we mention that you can get Apy for every minute you play? The only thing you have to do is to go to the ATMs in every Spawn, press the butten and Apy will be transferred to your account. We will have some more options to it in the future.

Besides that, you can create your own Faction! We have created a MASSIVE world in which there should be enough space to give you a home. Everyone can create a Faction or you could just join one. IceColdHeart has BIce, FlySkay has CrewOw and AlkoMasterz has Ergo, if you would like to know.

Also, beware of the new mobs like Giants, FestivalCreepers (which shoot fireworks if they blow up), Flying Creepers (like bats but non-lethal), ZombieKings with minions, Knight Skeletons, Invisible Zombies (recognizable by having a floating weapon) and last but not least, the HeroBrine. Good luck..

Not interested? Play some games on our new BowSpleef! One arena has already been created, more are just to come.

AND, every new member will get some tools, sponge and rulebooks! Yes, you read that well. Disappointed that you don’t have it? Ask one of the Owners and they will find a solution. PS, protectionstones (sponges) are now only placeable in PVP.

We have done quite some clean-up in the crew. Therefore AlkoMasterz is still head-owner, partnered up with BluePhoenix696. Head of crew is now FlySkay. IceColdHeart is demoted to Trainee due to inactivity. You can still apply to be crew. Just send an email with your motivation and credentials to info@appeltjens.nl.